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      Jared Last is from Calgary, Alberta, Canada and has been working in glass since 2011. He recently completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts with distinction in Glass at the Alberta College of Art and Design in April of 2016. Jared has also had the opportunity to study internationally after receiving scholarships to attend classes at both the Studio at the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, New York, and at Pilchuck Glass School, in Stanwood, Washington. His work has been recognized by both the Glass Art Association of Canada, as well as by members of the international Glass Art Society. Jared's work combines his interests in architecture, pattern and phenomena to create visually engaging objects that subvert traditional form and function while emphasizing the unique optical properties of glass.


     My work in glass combines my interests in architectural design, pattern and optical art to create interactive vessels and sculptural forms that maximize on the unique material properties of glass to generate captivating visual and perceptive experiences. I utilize a variety of hot and cold glass techniques in the creation of my work, finding a certain meditative solace in the methodical and meticulous nature of each step of my process. My work additionally engages with the historical use of glass as an optical material while simultaneously subverting the traditional function of the vessel form. My aim is to create sculptural glass objects that invite investigation and interaction in a contemporary format, revealing the subtle visual phenomena unique to glass.

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